Friday, December 11, 2009

Unkept Thoughts On Christmas

Well, winter is finally here in Vermont. After a November that included a great deal of unseasonably warm temperatures, the cold snap followed on the tails of a twelve inch snow storm, meaning relief is over. And while my oil budget was enjoying the warmer temps, it is nice to know that there will be snow on Christmas, and I’m sure the ski industry is more than ecstatic with the change as well.

But speaking of Christmas, my brain was kicking into gear again the other night. I’m not sure what contributes to these things, but I’m sure my odd tastes in movies and television has no affect on my thinking. That said, Christmas and the holidays were on the brain in full force the other night, so I thought I’d once again share my strange waves with you all.

-         If Santa is watching kids all year-round, shouldn’t he be required to register with the sex offenders list?

-         Anyone else find it odd that we can no longer celebrate Christmas in schools, but we can still allow our kids to dress up as Indians for Thanksgiving?

-         Want to know why I don’t think kids play outside as much anymore? It isn’t video games or the internet. It’s the fact that they no longer show Saturday morning or after school cartoons. Take away the imagination from the kids and you get kids that want to be grounded in reality, plain and simple.

-         I wonder if Tiger Woods is asking for a mulligan for Christmas!

-         If the BCS committee was auditing Santa’s naughty and nice lists yearly, the same five kids would be the only ones getting presents.

-         Whatever happened to the BurgerMeister MeisterBurger? Maybe the Bumble got him.

-         Why can’t we send the Salvation Army to Afghanistan? At the very least, the bell ringing could be categorized as psychological warfare.

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