Monday, December 7, 2009

Testing..Testing...Is This Thing On?

Yes, it is still here.

You know, after almost a full year, I would have expected blogspot to remove the site, but yet here we are, and it still stands, albeit a bit dusty and unused.

So why am I here?

When last I wrote, I had opted to try and build my own site, FragOnFilm, because it gave me the leeway to be able to fully manage the site, including incorporating multiple pages and full editing of the HTML if needed. Well, there's a lot to be said about being able to do that, but to be honest with you, while it was fun at first, it ended up, in combination with the day-to-day operations at YouGabSports, being nothing more than a lot of extra work. It sort of sucked away from whatever creativity I could put into the writing. When the writing isn't there, is it really even a website or just a shell?

So in the end, I sit here before you all, in full realization that I have something to say, and I intend to say, err, write it. No more being straight pidgeon-holed by writing on a topic specific website. No more extra chores of having to experiment with HTML, CSS, XML, or any other acronym or initialism. I at first thought about setting about and creating a new blogger site, called Frag Of Frag, but realized that I already essentially had that here. So with that out of the way, ReelToField is hereby reopened for business with the intention of getting back to my roots and doing what I love to do; writing.

This doesn't mean that I am done with YouGabSports, quite the contrary, it will free up more time for me to also add content there as well.

Believe me, there is more than enough stuff that has been locked away in here and eaking to get out. Now we just need to open Pandora's Box and see what comes first.

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