Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Screening the News 12-22-09

Sometimes I sit back and wonder what goes through people's minds.Maybe its the holiday season wearing down on our psyches or something, but people are flat out losing it. That's why I love to read the headlines in the morning, so I have some material in which to pick them apart.

Take these for instance:

- A four-year-old in Tennessee was arrested last week for breaking into a neighbors house, drunk, and stealing Christmas presents. Apparently, the boy has a history of trying to get in trouble so that he can be with his father, who currently resides in a local prison. Well son, don't you worry, if your role model is daddy, then you're sure to follow the same path. No need to rush there now.

- A D.C. police detective pulled a gun on a crowd gathered for a snowball fight recently. Puts a whole other meaning into "you'll shoot your eye out kid."

- Hulu and other online video services recently pulled a Saturday Night Live sketch which made fun of the newly deceased Brittany Murphy, and which may have had some reference to the stars drug usage. Listen, I'm all for not sullying the memory of the girl when her family is grieving, but seriously, if it wasn't tasteless to run the sketch in the first place, then you should stand by your material and keep it up after her death.

- The Yankees are supposedly ready to pull the string on yet another trade, this time for a starting pitcher. Is it me, or does it seem like New York is the only active team this off-season? Seriously, its time for the other major players to step up to the plate and make some noise. And yes, Theo Epstein, I'm talking to you!

- Director Brian Singer is returning to the X-Men franchise for the prequel: X-Men First Class. No doubt, this will be better than watching Brett Ratner fumble through it like he did with X3, not to mention it will be nice to have a story that establishes the characters for the audience that may not be aware of their backgrounds. Then again, the danger of doing such a prequel, especially if done the right way, is that it will disqualify some of the way the other films have played out, specifically with Iceman and Angel.

Well folks, maybe I'll return a bit later, but I have to get some work done right now.

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